Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nanny McPhee

I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite Children's movies - of which there are many good and many bad . . . Nanny McPhee is one of the best. . .
It's a modern take on Mary Poppins and fun for the whole family. The costumes and visuals are so mesmerizing and beautiful - I find myself sucked in . . . the warnings for parents are as follows - the mom has died at the beginning creating a need for a nanny (the death is not talked about or shown in detail - just assumed), the father works at a morgue (at one point a man is portrayed as dead - he's lying on a table and the dad is talking over him with a tag on his toe - I explained it to my kids once that it's a pretend person dressed up as someone who is not alive and they were okay with it)
The premise is so amazing though - our outsides reflecting our behaviour on the inside - we act ugly and rude, it shows . . . we act polite and wonderful, we look lovely . . . check it out before you show it to your kids and preview but we allow our four year old and six and a half year old watch it (the first time with us!!) and have enjoyed it ever since . . . .

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