Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hannah's Third Tooth

sooo . . . Hannah doesn't like losing teeth . . . i take that back - she likes losing teeth and getting money and wiggling them but she doesn't like the actual removal of the tooth . . . her first tooth hung by a thread and i was able to pop it out quickly when she let me in. . . the second tooth she swallowed with a bite of pizza at Joshua Hogue's birthday party at Alfys . . . this third tooth - she hung on to for dear life . . . i gave her sticky foods . . . i tried to pop it out . . . the hospital staff tried giving her cool things to pull it out with or put it in when it was out . . . all to no avail . . . until tonight . . . our friends Brian and Theresa Mindt brought by a stack of freezer meals for the weekends for us and they were excited to see the kids . . . Brian swung Hannah upside down and tickled her belly to which she immediately yelled "my tooth, my tooth! put me down!" like the boy who cried wolf, Hannah has played the 'my tooth, my tooth' game for months and nobody bought it . . . then Theresa looked at the carpet and said, "i see her tooth!" to which Brian flipped her back around and wouldn't you know it?! it fell out!!!! she ran to the bathroom for a quick swish then back for the picture for all posterity . . .

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