Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Painted Nails

Okay - last time I was on prednisone I freaked out and felt paranoid all the time - want to crawl in a hole and not answer the phone and not open my door and not even have anyone sit to close to me . . . so I was prepared for whatever this dosing might bring . . . what I was not prepared for was the "Monk" like grooming habits that would take up so much of my time . . . I mean crazy grooming . . . washing my face multiple times (and with face soap and lotion the whole bit) . . . flossing, brushing and whiteness rinsing my teeth (way more than the recommended daily allowances - okay only whiteness rinsing twice a day but lots of flossing and brushing going on - even if I haven't eaten) . . . constant application of chap stick and hand cream and deodorant - I think you get the picture . . . and today it was on to the nails . . . I filed them, used cuticle cream and painted them (yes - I left the door open to outside so I wouldn't fumigate myself - asthmatic but not stupid) . . . and I'm left wondering why? Is there anything wrong with being clean? I don't feel like I might die if I don't clean and don't stop doing normal activities to re clean but it's a bit much . . . thoughts? input? Oh well - at least when this is over, my smile will be it's whitest and my pores will be thoroughly flushed out!! And I happen to like when my nails are painted - thank you very much . . .

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  1. if you run out of things to wash.. my house is a pit. Still trying to bathe the kid and work and get ready to come deliver some green goodness


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