Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Book

Health update - crummy. My asthma just won't break and aside from the uncomfortable side effects and shortness of breath, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Still in the hospital . . . still no visitors allowed . . . still crocheting and still reading books.

Just finished a book called "Maybe a Miracle" by Brian Strause. It's a work of fiction about a young girl that goes into a coma after falling in the pool and nearly drowning. One of the characters has a severe case of potty mouth but the concept of the story is interesting. It's a tale of family dynamics, hope, community, faith, and tenacity - all qualities I need to continue to grow within myself.

I won't ruin the ending in case you want to read it but I found some interesting thought points throughout the story. It made me realize how much I miss having a book club and I'm determined to start one upon my release . . . everyone needs something to look forward to and what could be better than fun snacks and drinks and laughter and conversation about the shared experience of reading the same book? Maybe you're interested in joining my book club? Maybe you have an idea for the first book we read? How about a name for the group of reading gals?

Ok - off to another glorious breathing treatment and the beginning of a new book.


  1. hey karla,
    just got back into town. so sad to hear you are back in the hosptial again. I have also enjoyed reading this summer. A book club sounds fun. count me in. I read.. A New kind of Normal by Carol Kent and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers last month. both very very good. hang in there girl... see you soon

  2. YES! a book club would be great...can we have wine, too? :) Oh friend, how I miss you, but I love reading your blog and feeling like I have a piece of Karla too! Your struggles are so real, and you are so strong...I have been blessed by your humor and insight during this season of life...(I know sometimes the seasons don't seem to move on...) Thanks for sharing yourself and your journey (and your books!)...Love you and can't wait to sit a spell with you-wherever that may be!


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