Monday, August 30, 2010

Transitions . . .

Today I went, with my mom and my two sweet daughters, to Hannah's open house . . . for SECOND GRADE!! When did this happen? When did I have a second grader? (Ok - I retract that dumb question - I had an infant that has grown into a second grader.)

She was filled with excitement to pick her cubby, find her desk, reunite with friends and show us all around.

As a family, we have recently experienced more transitions than I can count . . . and they continue. Recently, I stepped down from my MOPS leadership position. It was the right decision for my health and for my family but not an easy one to make . . . and one I still don't know how it will play out in the months to come.

I'm starting to realize that in life, we have no idea what is coming down the turnpike for us. Occasionally we can foresee how our decisions or actions may play out (ex: say yes to an engagement - get married) . . . but mostly, we're just along for the ride . . . the path gets bumpy and we are forced to buckle our seat belts a little tighter - sometimes we are surprised with unexpected and welcome blessings (like a friend who is pregnant with her fifth baby and just found out it's finally a little girl in the oven!) and sometimes we aren't prepared for the next chapter (like a family member who was recently diagnosed with cancer out of the blue) . . . but no matter how many amusement park analogies we through at it, life is coming . . . ready or not.

So . . . this week, the Marsh family is on to second grade, on to start another year of coaching and teaching, on to our last year home as a 'preschooler' and on to doctors appointments and breathing treatments. We're unsure how each role will play out . . . but we're in it together . . .  Happy September . . .

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