Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Return of the Rehab Reviewer . . .

Back on the nebulizer . . . back in the land of asthma flareups . . . back to the place of a whole lot of nothing to do but getting through . . . so I read . . . and watch TV and movies . . . and as I've not been overly impressed with the movies and TV I've recently viewed, I thought I'd share a few of the books I've completed (you know me and completing things!)

If you're interested in the book (and who doesn't love a good book?!) check it out from your local library, or click on the posted link and order it used from Amazon . . . good times.

Okay - "Butter Safe than Sorry" was a silly little mystery set in Amish country. The main character is an over the top bed and breakfast owner that gets herself in the middle of crimes and tries to solve them in her own crazy ways. Apparently it's part of a series but you don't need to read them in order as I picked it up out of no where and did just fine. Not gonna change your life but might make ya laugh and we all could use more of that in our lives!

And the second book, The Blue Orchard is based in fact (although it is a piece of fiction) and quite controversial. It tackles issues of race, the great depression and abortion. The premise is a poor young girl who attempts to support her family through various jobs with wealthier families. She is taken advantage of and mistreated. She eventually sets her mind upon becoming a nurse and the story of her determination is inspiring. Through referrals and life experiences, she ends up working for one of the most prominent figures in the black community - a doctor who is involved in politics and preforms illegal "operations" for hundreds of women referred to him by everyone in the community including famous politicians and well known members of the community. It delves into the moral discussion of the "operations" as well as the thought process of those involved. I am a firm advocate for the life of babies - who are real people upon conception and whom God has a plan for. I am also, however, not afraid to read books of varying viewpoints to add to the conversation. This book put a human side to the often "clinical" view we take. It stretched my thinking outside the box. I left the reading still feeling the same about my position (and the main character in the book is left with much thought on the topic as well) but fascinated by the times and circumstances of how people lived and choices they made. I am often critical of what I read as I am a very involved reader and get engrossed in the stories - but if a piece of literature is well written, not offensive in language or description and serves a purpose of thought and conversation, I am willing to read it. That's just my opinion - for others I know they limit themselves to only Christian authors and that may work for them . . . I am careful to read something inspirational and encouraging as well as the fiction books I choose . . . and the pool of good Christian fiction has grown astronomically . . . just my personal opinion to read from various opinions.

All that to say . . . read a book this summer . . . maybe it's fluffy and silly or maybe it's historical and thought provoking but the moral is - read a book. It's a good example to your kids, it's good for your brain and it's a nice way to spend a summer afternoon . . . take a book outside . . . have some lemonade . . . read the same book as a friend and talk about it when you take the kids to the beach . . . read a book.

Can't find a good book? I stumbled upon a fabulous website that will be my new friend . . . www.whatshouldireadnext.com . . .you enter the title of a book you read and enjoyed and it pops up a list of 30 some books you might like . . . fun . . .  off to read . . .

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