Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Timely Read . . .

I just finished reading a book by Laurie Edwards entitled "Life Disrupted - getting real about chronic illness in your twenties and thirties." My hubby picked it up at the library for me on the off chance it may offer some insight. It was a perfectly timely read. The author used words I'm thinking in my head. It addressed all the issues I've faced over the past three years of increasing asthma - from hospital visits to disappointing cancellations to difficulty in friend relationships as you are less than predictable in being available to grow relationships well. So many times in this book I felt "a ha" moments and received so much encouragement that yes, it is difficult dealing with a chronic illness at such a young age but yes, it is possible to still live a happy full life. It confirmed some of the big decisions I have had to make lately in order to make room for my health . . . it made me feel like I was not alone in thinking things (both productive and negative) . . . and that there are others out there navigating this crazy journey and still finding success in life. Thanks honey for a great book - and thanks Laurie Edwards for being so transparent in your story allowing others to find truth.

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