Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Glad Game

Travis is out with a friend today who lives in Oregon and doesn't often come to the area. They started the day with a game of golf and plan on having dinner together and hanging out. I am thrilled for him but this will be one of the first full day mothering alone since my discharge from the hospital. If I am being totally honest, I was nervous. I have relied so heavily on Travis and his strength and parenting and cooking and help . . . but happy he had a day to recharge his much depleted batteries.

So . . . that left the girls and I to our own devices today. I attempted to start the day with a positive attitude and though we've had rocky moments and minor arguments that have needed negotiation, overall we're doing quite well.

Earlier in the week, we went to the library as a family as we all like to read and picked up a few family movies as well. Today we decided to watch Pollyanna . . . the sweet Disney film about a young orphan brought to a small town to live with her wealthy and detached Aunt Polly. I remember this being one of my favorites as a girl and it was so fun watching it through the eyes of my daughters - experiencing it almost as the first time. Through her positive attitude, kindness and friendship of those around her Pollyanna transforms the whole town. Since I was little, I have been an optimist - glass half full kind of girl . . . I have noticed of late however, that real life, chronic illness, bills out my ears, appointments etc. have dissipated my eternal optimistic point of view. The movie today reminded me of just how many things I have to be glad about and I thought I'd share a few . . .

1. For the reassurance of a God who loves me, created me, and will never leave me to face anything alone.

2. For a husband who lives out our wedding vows everyday.

3. For two beautiful daughters who are healthy and sweet and incredibly adaptable.

4. For a network of friends who love me in spite of myself.

5. For parents who are willing to jump in the ring with us.

6. For in-laws who love and treat me like their own.

7. For surprise and random cards of encouragement that show up in my mail box.

8. For text messaging that allows me to communicate during a neb treatment.

9. For DVR that allows me to fast forward all the annoying commercials (ok - not as important as the previous but still makes me happy!!!)

10. For a big cup of coffee in the AM with vanilla creamer

11. For an old friend that introduced me to blogging, continues to send her love and encouragement and even mentions me in her blog . . . I feel almost famous!!

12. For the talent to crochet blankets and scarves and bags and hats giving me something to do and accomplish and give as gifts

13. For my elementary school teachers and parents who fostered a love of reading . . . what would I do without books?

14. For a meal delivered by good friends for no reason or prompting except that they were thinking of us (grubbin food Peter!!!)

15. For family pictures to look at and retell the story of and remember great days and incredible memories . .

I could go on all day - which is an incredible statement to make when the last few weeks have felt pretty crummy and I've gotten stuck in the stress wheel . . . I'm realizing as I type the need to raise my head up and focus on the good things . . . there are so many things to be thankful for - and not in a hokey pokey "look at the bright side - there's a reason for everything" - because sometimes the hand you are dealt just stinks - but honest to goodness look around you and be thankful. Note to self (and anyone listening out there) - be glad - it's contagious and sure makes you feel better about the day.

Now I'm off to attempt to rebuild my culinary skills starting with gourmet Kraft macaroni and cheese . . . have to begin somewhere right?!

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  1. Thank-you for your grateful list. It is sometimes so hard to remember the good when so many things are bringing us down. I am reading a book called, "Champagne for the Soul". I think you would like it!


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