Monday, August 16, 2010

Home again . . . or the Story of the Baby Birds

I am typing this blog from my own home . . .  finally got a break in the asthma yesterday and have avoided neb treatments all day today! (The first time in at least three weeks!!) I have an appointment with my pulmo Dr. tomorrow but glad to be home . . .

When I was first admitted into the hospital last Thursday I noticed a nest full of baby birds settled right outside my window. Their eyes were closed, they hardly made a sound and hardly had a feather. As the days progressed, they began to open their eyes and take notice of their world around them. They began to chirp loudly and their momma began to bring them food - delivered right into their little open mouths. Then they began to get even braver and even stronger. Covered in feathers now, they began to stretch their wings and stand on the edge of their next taking in the world around them. Yesterday, they took flight. They took the biggest step in their lives so far. They knew it was going to be bumpy with a big learning curve but they were ready to give it a try.

What symbolism of my last week and a half. When I arrived at the hospital, I was in pretty bad shape and had my eyes closed much of the time. As the week progressed, I opened my eyes and was able to accept treatment given to me by a knowledgeable and wonderful staff . . . then I began to walk the halls - stretch my wings - until today . . . when I took that big, bumpy, scary step and flew the nest . . . left the safety net of the doctors and nurses and oxygen tubes and vital signs and hand holding.

I'm on the offense right now - my illness is stable. But I know, as I'm learning about chronic illness more everyday, that there will be bumps ahead - wind storms, predators, getting lost as a baby bird - but I can do it. I have an amazing network of family and friends and doctors cheering for my flight in the big wide world and I am thankful . . .

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  1. HUGE hooray for your return to home sweet home. Praying you through every step of every day, my dear and beautiful friend.


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