Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ERs and Doctors and Drugs . . . OH MY!!

I feel a little bit like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz . . . the spinning house, the crazy land, the desire to go home . . . I had another visit to the ER this week as my current bout of asthma continues to worsen and Doctors just keep passing me around. (We're on day 31 for anyone keeping track at home - my longest flare up was 32 days long - about to pass the record!) So, my house flew to ER and landed on a hospital bed. My sweet friend Carrie chauffeured me the my favorite "spa and resort" to be shuffled around, doctored and administered more drugs . . . YIPPEE. After five hours or so, I clicked my hospital issued socks (why do they have traction on both sides?! Things that make you go hmmmm) and said "there's no place like home" and what do you know? Home sweet home. I don't like hospitals and I'm not a fan of the "wicked nurses of the west" (although some are very kind!!) but I do want to get well and I'll keep fighting until that happens. In the next three weeks I have boatloads of doctors appointments . . . yippee!! But in the middle of the tornado, stands my beautiful family full of love and support and laughter and tears. And friends continue to pop out of flowers and nests (like little munchkins) to deliver laughter through cards and emails, food for the family, house cleaning help, even sweet books for my sweet girls to enjoy . . . I'll keep following the Yellow Brick Road surrounded by my friends and family who remind me to have "courage, heart and brains" in this adventure.


  1. Oh Karla, I so wish we lived closer so I could be there to support you through this.

    I love love love you. Hang in there! Prayers are on the way!!!

  2. foturne cookie will be visited by an old friend soon! Ok, so, I would love to invite myself over when you are ready...Matt is working 17 evenings straight and I would love to get together for ANYTHING or NOTHING!! hugs, my friend and let me know!


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