Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frustrating Doctors and Fluffy Reads

Today I went to my third doctors appointment this week since being discharged from the hospital on Monday. I am tired of Doctors. I have a fabulous team working on me from head to toe but the longer I am Doctored the more I realize, at a certain point, you have to be your own doctor. You live in your body and understand it more than a whole team of Doctors. It gets very frustrating to call or visit a Doctor looking for more advice or a new plan and they offer you the same routine that you've already tried or are trying currently and it makes me grumpy.

So what is one supposed to do with this load of frustration when you have no choice at this moment? You can sit around and stew, you can stand outside and scream or you can find other outlets. One thing I still love to do when I'm cooped up and laid up with asthma is crochet. I find it very therapeutic to do something productive with my hands. I am currently working on the handles of a bag for a sweet friend with a big journey ahead of her . . . it's not an answer to all of life's problems but may bring a smile to her face and paired with the right inspirational book, might be a bright spot in a tough place.

The picture doesn't show the hours spent on tiny stitches . . . and as I stitched, I prayed for and thought of my sweet friend . . . hoping for full recovery and peace through her difficult journey. I'm anxious to finish the handles tonight to get it in the mail tomorrow for her.

I'm also spending time reading . . . and although I am a big fan of reading inspirational things and helpful things, sometimes you just need to read some fluff. I found what I was looking for in "The Private Thoughts of Amelia E Rye." It is a story of friendship told through the musings of a fourth grade girl (this would make a great read for your preteen/teen too . . . you could both read it then talk about the issues brought up such as race, poverty, family dynamics and finding your way through the world as a young girl.) It was a fast read and funny to boot . . .

I am so thankful for this blog . . . a place to vent and rant and inspire and share and dump and be filled up with feedback and support and find a place to journal with a purpose . . . with the purpose of sharing my life and the struggles and joys of finding my way through the world . . . thanks for reading and following and praying and caring . . .

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