Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love Story

Last night Travis came to visit me at the hospital (the only visitor allowed right now) and brought with him our laptop and the movie "Young Victoria." It was a sweet movie full of amazing costumes, great history and a fabulous love story. I was taken with the sets, actors and beauty in the film but more than that, I was struck by the fact that the greatest love story was happening right next to me. My husband is and always has been my best friend. He's a shoulder to cry on, a hoot to laugh with, a strength to draw from, an adventure to experience and everything in between. What is a greater love story then climbing in the mud with your wife in the hospital and loving her with everything you have? I love you Travis Alan Marsh and thank you for your continual support and love . . . thanks for writing a love story with me . . . and although we're not always wearing the fanciest costumes or dancing at the most elite parties, the way you walk with me through sickness and health, good times and bad is amazing . . .

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