Saturday, April 12, 2014

And Still More Reviews . . .

Yes . . . more nebbing  . . more Netflix . . . and more reviews. I guess it gives some illusion of a purpose?! Who knows. At least a record of what I've watched. Who cares. I'm not sure even I do. But - I'm gonna keep doing it anyway. With that cheerful attitude . . . I will begin.

This documentary showed insight on the trend for people to own exotic animals as pets. Throughout the movie it follows a man who loves and owns two lions and the police officer/animal rescue advocate who wants to do what's best for the animals. Startling fact - there are more tigers owned as pets in Texas than there are wild in India. Nuts!! There are stories of backlash and injuries from these "pets" while threading this heartwarming story of the best intentions of both men. I'd put this on the "glad I watched it" list.

Based on a true story, this strange French movie (although aren't most French movies strange?!) is about a small town in which 17 high school girls get pregnant around the same time. There is A LOT of cigarette smoking, teenagers staring contemplatively off in space, slow moving anti climactic moments, tons and tons and tons of randomness, and growing pregnancy pillows . . . I'd put this on the "waste of time . . . and not in a good way" list.

We Are Family (2012) Poster

This hilarious and fun movie tells the story of a man who falls in love with a woman but is embarrassed to introduce her to his real family so instead hires a family of actors. The antics and outcome made me laugh out loud and fall in love with this Russian sub-titled movie. I'd put this on the "actually gave a movie 5 stars on the Netflix rating - watch it!!" list.

Two new nephews in the span of three days brought me back to the sequel of 'The Business of Being Born." This movie interviews Ina May Gaskin, the guru of midwives, as well as interviews celebrity moms on their birth, labor and deliveries. I definitely gained more insight and learned more than I knew before. I know that I am, like most people, quick to judge some situations based on the information I have but until we open our minds to taking in other information and opinions, it's important not to put our own preferences on others. Having a baby is a very special amazing process and one that should be valued greatly. I am so proud of Bonnie and my sister for birthing two new amazing little men into this world in two entirely different but entirely perfect for their situations. And I appreciate the producers of these movies (Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein) for tackling issues that they are passionate about.

Told from the narrative perspective of a college entrance essay, this endearing movie delves into relationships - between husband and wife, housekeeper and employer and most of all, mothers and daughters. I found this movie to be touching and an often true to life portrayal of well, life. It's a different view of Adam Sandler. Unlike his usual ridiculous slap stick (Although one of my favorite quotes he says - "Do this for me or I'll set my hair on fire and start punching myself in the face!" shows his comedic side) this movie had depth and purpose. I'd watch this movie again and it made me proud to be a momma of two daughters.


Why on God's green earth do we as women put ourselves through watching and reading the most heart-wrenching of chick flicks we can find? And how do authors like James Patterson and Nicolas Sparks know how to write stories that literally stab into the hearts of women? And why would I, of all people, at a time like this in my life choose to watch a movie about a mom that is ill and eventually dies? I need to call my therapist now.

Remember the process of buying your first home? Want to watch other people do it? This fun/frustrating/interesting/stressful/exciting show follows people who are . . . well . . . buying their first home. It shows from pre-approval of loan to meeting with realtors to signing final papers with everything in between. It is fun to see the different housing markets in different states and be thankful I'm not moving again anytime soon!

I loved (and it has been fun to re-watch) this hospital sitcom. The zany cast of characters, silly situations, and heart warming endings make this a great show from start to finish. I'm not sure I'd like to come face to face with any of them in a real life medical emergency but I'd certainly want to hang out with them and be their friend! Now that I'm admitted to the hospital, this show keeps getting funnier by the minute. I'm finding characteristics of the fictional characters lived out here in real life and it's making me giggle!


 When her parents, who have been married for 30 years, decide that they want a divorce, the main character (who is a marriage counselor) is forced to re-evaluate the definition of marriage. And when she tries to bring them back together, the consequences are funny and most the time un-effective. This was quite the cute little movie that I enjoyed watching.

Here's a non-movie but video website . . . My sister shared this with me a while back and it is full of humor and fun and amazement. They post about 10 videos a day and they are great. Check some out.

This history of one of New York's oldest and most expensive store was a total indulgence of my secret love of fashion (Project Runway is one of my favorite shows) and was truly an interesting and some what hilarious/ridiculous look at what people with too much money do! I'm not saying it wouldn't be an absolute fun adventure to walk in, have a personal shopper, and buy the most incredible clothes but $6000 for a pair of shoes and $10,000 for a coat? Watch it for the fashion eye candy and the peek into the world of the rich and famous along with a bit of a historical lesson on trends as well.

And to follow the theme, a documentary about the beginnings of New York fashion week. Literally, hundreds of hundreds of beautiful interesting clothes walk the runway with the narration and interviews of designers young and old. It's such a foreign and fascinating world!

Based on a true story, this French movie follows the adventures of the one-time personal chef to the French president. She was an unassuming chef with a passion for classic French cooking and sharing that passion with others. Filled with amazing food, I found the story quite sweet and endearing and truly enjoyed watching it. It had a slow pace and a beautiful orchestral soundtrack allowing the story to unfold at it's own timing. Great movie.

Although not a fan of the language used in this movie (PG-13 - but only for language), this funny throw back comedy follows a ridiculous high school student who goes to great lengths to skip school. From a dummy and snore sound track in his room, to a pre-recorded message when someone rings the front doorbell, the adventures he has are quite hilarious. I especially loved his crashing and lip-syncing on a float in a German parade sparking the first recorded flash mob. Silly movie but fun to watch.

Thus concludes the third addition of asthmatic movie reviews. I am not done being down with asthma. My doctor checked in with me yesterday and said I have another 1 to 3 days here in the hospital with a sliding scale give or take depending on my improvements (or lac there of) in the hours/days to come. With that said, on to more Netflix and on to more reviews . . .

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