Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break has started here which means a week of no school and no routine. I will try really hard not to make this post sound like a poor me rant as that is not my intention here. My intention is to proclaim my thankfulness to friends and family who have come along side our family in this season and volunteered to make this a fun and special week for our kiddos.

My original plan this week was to load up the car yesterday and head on a girl adventure to Spokane to visit one of my oldest and bestest friend and her 6 adorable kids. We were looking forward to days of loving on twin baby boys, picking fruit in the orchards close to their home, drinking coffee while watching the instant friendship of our kids as if no time at all had past, and creating more memories together. Instead I find myself still on my bed admiring the beautiful sun through my window. Boo.

I am grateful beyond grateful however, that there are some amazing people in our life who have stepped up and said, we want to bring the Marsh girls along on our adventures. Sunday night, they got to spend the night at their Grandma Merry's. Grandpa Gerry took them to see the new Muppet movie in the theater complete with popcorn and soda. Today, the girls got to tag along to a new pool in our area that has water slides, a lazy river and a surfing wall. They came home brimming with stories from the hours of fun. Tomorrow is a mom day. We'll sit together and play Nintendo. Oh yes. Nintendo. I'm talking old school Mario. We've decided to watch a mini Tinker Bell movie marathon and I'm sure we'll fit in a card game or two. Thursday the girls were once again invited to join a fantastic group of friends as they explore the Olympic Game Farm, a drive-thru type zoo. Think Americas Funniest Home Videos where the llama puts his tongue through the window for some bread. And we'll end our week with a two night hotel stay in Seattle while we eagerly await the birth of baby James (my sister's little guy). We are also anticipating the arrival of new Baby Marsh any day now. He's a week overdo already but seems to be growing happily on his own little time line.

There are lots of rays of sun. Not just those peering through my window (closed to avoid the cut grass and pollen flying through the air) but all around us. There is much to be thankful for. There is much fun to be had. And we are beyond blessed by the people in our "village."

water park fun

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