Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Random Musings

Random Musings . . . no particular order . . . no particular reason . . .

1. HOME - yup. I'm home. I feel like a bit like a salted slug but at least I'm a salted slug at home. It's a bit harder here in one sense as I'm now responsible again for my meds etc but it's well worth the effort and I'm so glad to be starting the uphill climb to recovery.

2. MEDS - I'm not a fan of drugs (ironic as my daily consumption is quite high) but when you have nerve pain searing behind your knee caps, a pain pill or two is a welcome relief.

3. BUDDIES - Hannah is weeks (and I mean weeks) away from 'graduating' from Elementary School and beginning the journey into middle school. I think we're slowly moving away from some of the fear and unknown and progressing into the excitement phase. I know a huge part of that is the great group of buddies she's found to surround herself with. It's fun to watch and remember all the silly fun I had when I was younger and I'm thrilled she's found some keepers!

4. WINDOWS - yup. I said random. I can't be an outsider here right now for lots of reasons but I'm enjoying the view of spring cropping up out my windows and am grateful I have a big row of them in my room at the end of my bed. 

5. SKINNY POP - it's my favorite addiction. It tastes a ton like movie theater popcorn (which I don't say lightly as I am love with movie theater popcorn - half the reason I go to the theater sometimes) except it's not as greasy and Costco has it back in humongous bags as big as my head! Bliss.

6. THIS GUY - a tie for Easter? Come on. It's not even fair.

7. MY OLD PHONE - a friend tried to send me an emoticon (which I still think is the weirdest name ever - when did we get away from calling it clip art?) and instead of showing up on my phone as a thumbs up, I got a rectangle. Hilarious. Wouldn't have gotten that amazing experience of giggling my head of had it not been for my old phone.

8. FACEBOOK - I've never been hooked on anything computer-ish. I check my email, read a few blogs, click around Pintrist and scan Facebook but can shut it off anytime and don't have to even check it everyday. Since I've been down however, Facebook has been a much needed link into the outside world. A click here and there a few times a day reminds me there are people out there! I love looking at pictures of all your egg hunts and hearing your funny thoughts on the mornings and how you didn't get any sleep and still have to make pancakes. It's like having a few visitors over without getting worn out by visitors. So post away . . . and I'll laugh at you or smile with you or appreciate your random musings of the day.

9. A NEW NEBBER - my tried and true best friend was reaching his last legs making some funny sounds and the prospect of the motor crapping out in the middle of the night was a little unnerving. Called the company yesterday and within two hours, they had delivered a brand new model. Customer service?! My lungs say thank you.

10. THIS GUY - I don't want to get all mushy and nauseating but when a couple has the opportunity to look their marriage vows square in the face with a raw realness that does not often come and decide to face it head on "better/worse, richer/poorer, sick/sicker, crazy/crazier," one of two things can happen. One - you decide it's way to much and throw in the proverbial towel one way or another OR Two - you decide that even if the future looks like a yo-yo back and forth into hospitals and doctors and procedures, it's what you want going forward. I'm so grateful we've checked off box number two. Not every day is pretty but everyday is ours. And I love what you see when you look through that camera lens - you see the opportunity for a great shot of life in that moment. Always and Forever.

There. Tuesday Random Musings; 'cause I guess sometimes you just need to muse in no particular order.

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  1. I need to muse in no particular order every day. :P

    Sweet pictures of your girl- I can't believe how mature she's looking! Middle School! {{cue hyperventilating}} That's crazy. Makes me remember meeting YOU in middle school. :)

    Love you!


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