Monday, April 14, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh . . .

From one of my bestest friends. . .

Best friends understand text sarcasm
About being asthmatic . . .


Everyone used to comment on my "Adorable Chipmunk Cheeks". What wasn't adorable was all the excess swelling. www.mollysfund.orgok NOT taking this...............
Hahahaha! Bad day indeed, but ready to conquer this conversion challenge. No more FREAK asthma attacks.
And even some about my obsessive hobby of crocheting . . .

 When crocheting with the TV on, you really don't look up to see a single show. It's all about the background noise. This is so true!Crochet Humor-Unravel With Crochet no crocheter ever.... #crochet #humorCrochet Addict's Humor....Crochet Humor-Unravel With Crochet a crocheter is sorta like being a magician. You mumble to yourself while wiggling a stick around, and other people have no idea how you did it.I'm very busy...laying in bed crocheting and being creative. Please don't leave me a message.Crochet Humor-Unravel With Crochet;  true statement.  I was thinking of setting up a crochet group, but it would probably put us out of business.

RAKJPatterns by Kristi Simpson: Today's Forecast.... RAKJpatterns

 It's time for Crochet Therapy ❥ 4U // hf
I'm just a yarn addict on the road to recovery...   Just Kidding! I'm on the  road headed to Jo-Ann's!

My mom has always said to laugh or cry is the same release  . . . laughing is a whole lot more fun!

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